Majlisul Ulama Zimbabwe

Assalaamu alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu

The Majlisul Ulama Zimbabwe is a registered Islamic Welfare Organisation founded in 1975. Its membership comprises of 98 Islamic Scholars, Madrassah Teachers, Imaams, as well as other Religious Personnel serving the Muslim community in Zimbabwe.

The Majlisul Ulama Zimbabwe, since it’s inception, has upheld the major objective of providing for the teaching and dissemination/propagation of the authentic Islamic knowledge. Accordingly the Daarul Ilm (a Centre for higher learning) was established in Waterfalls, Harare within the first year of the organisations existence and whilst Majlisul Ulama Zimbabwe has expanded tremendously into a multi-departmental body, conducting numerous educational, religious, social, humanitarian and other activities and services, it is education and propagation (Ta’leem and Tableegh) that remain the mainstay of the organisation..